“Capitola Home Care was a truly exceptional service for the entirety of my father’s 17 months following terminal diagnosis. From the start, they were quick to get us fully set up to begin caring 24/7 for my father, and took much of my stress away by making sure that he was getting proper care. They especially excelled in communication, flexibility to needs, quality of care, tolerance for ambiguity from healthcare providers, being considerate to family and friend visitors, professionalism, and genuine concern for my father’s wellbeing. Home Health visitors always commented on how excellent each caregiver was compared to what they were used to. Having this small, woman-owned business as our caregiving service was the best decision we could have made. Despite going through many ups and downs with my father’s health, we knew we could count on Capitola Home Care. We thank them so much for all that they did for our family, we could not recommend them enough.”

– Michele

“When my father was unexpectedly paralyzed and given a terminal cancer diagnosis, a friend of his recommended Capitola Home Care for his in-home caregiving needs.  They were available to take on his 24 hour/day full-time care faster than any other company we called, and exceeded any expectation I had in regard to the quality of care they provide.  As a physician myself, I can say their team of caring and capable caregivers stood out in their level of compassion and dedication to patient care.  They helped him live a longer and happier life despite his condition, and treated him like family.  I cannot express the appreciation I have for this incredible team and what they have done for us.  Thank you Capitola Home Care.”

– Glenn

“Sadly, after more than 3 years of excellent care you and your team provided, our dear Mom passed gracefully in your presence.  I can’t begin to tell you what an incredible service Capitola Home Care provided primarily for Mom, but also my Dad, who was at her side during her last years. Every caregiver demonstrated the highest level of care in every function while keeping Mom comfortable.  Not only did you and your team provide 24/7 care, but you personally handled logistics for prescriptions, supplies, household items and medical appointments.  Truly, Capitola Home Care is an A to Z professional care team and I can highly recommend Capitola Home Care to family members struggling with the hard decisions you so aptly assisted with.  As time wears on, I think of our dear folks often, knowing their last years with us were dignified as well as emersed in an environment of care, compassion and love!  My deepest thanks to “Team Capitola Home Care” and PLEASE do not hesitate in giving my number or email to any prospective clients you may be talking with.”

– David Moore

“The decisions surrounding care for an aging parent can be very difficult for a family.  My mother needed 24/7 care for the last 9 months of her life.  We were extremely satisfied with the services provided by Capitola Home Care and their staff of care givers.  They were all very kind and focused on making sure everything ran smoothly.  It is difficult for someone to transition from living independently to living with a care giver in the home.  Each member of the staff was very sensitive to my mother’s needs as she got used to this new living arrangement.  Staff arrived on time as shifts changed.  They were meticulous about keeping the house clean, doing laundry, and distributing medication.  They made careful notes about her state of mind and activities of the day. On the day that my mother received news that she was going to go into hospice care, one of the off-duty care givers came over with dinner and sat with her for a few hours to make sure she had the emotional support needed as she processed this news.  The staff was always willing to go above and beyond whenever needed.  It was a comfort to know that she was well cared for.”

– John Wescoat

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